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Firewood Sales

Sold by the truck load in 1/2 cord, or full cord (4'x4'x8' stack = 128ft3) volumes.

Hardwoods may be ordered by species.

To view a comparison of firewood characteristics by species, click here.

Species 1/2 CordCord
 Mixed $140 $270
 Pine $120 $230
 Hardwood $160 $310
 Specialty  $160  $310

**Our loads do not contain any of the following species: willow, cottonwood, box elder, tree of heaven, etc., or any other wood that has undesirable burning qualities.


Selected Nursery Stock:

We use only the best nursery stock from our suppliers, 
Nole's Nursery and Homestead Nursery, here in Salt Lake City.  Visit them on the web at: Nole's Nursery Homestead


Organic Composted Mulch

Sold by 1/2 yard increments @ $56.00/yd delivered in metro area.  Very useful in amending soil, retaining water, and providing nutrients to root zones.


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