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Where can i buy flagyl metronidazole, a can buy flagyl over counter medicine which could be an alternative to the drug?" said Dinesh Rajaram, a family practitioner in Gopalpur who helped organise the rally, adding, "I feel that this is not just an issue of medical treatment, but an issue of moral right to life". As part of the rally, doctors, parents and supporters carried banners flags depicting the Hindu goddess Kali carrying a dead baby. The slogans included "Ban killing of babies!" and "Stop the foetus!" Prakash said he Kamagra cheaper is opposed to both the death penalty and abortion. "I would like to see the law changed flagyl tablets to buy and death sentence for the two drug smugglers given to the death penalty for murderers," Prakash said. "Since the foetus has no soul, its organs can be harvested and transplanted with the help of an AIIMS doctor to save the lives of innocent children. Such a medical procedure will save the suffering of innocent child, its family and society," said Ramamurti, the main organiser of rally. Rajaram said doctors and protesters are opposed to "the misuse of the death penalty to punish innocent people, especially pregnant women, who should be treated by society." "Why can't doctors be the arbiters of law instead politicians or religious figures?" he said. "Doctors should also be in the forefront of protecting women against violence and abuse. I am opposed to abortion, and I oppose death." For all the latest Delhi News, download Indian Express App The FBI announced that the hacker group Anonymous will hold a "peaceful action" during the World War I centenary celebrations in Chicago this Sunday. The action will see Anonymous "raise awareness of government spying", while protesting US military presence on the South Side of Chicago. Anonymous hackers released a blog post announcing that the hacktivist group will shut down power in Chicago starting at noon on Sunday. "Do not expect to see a public demonstration. We are only planning an Anonymous action of civil disobedience," the blog post states. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said he is open to discussing the city's involvement in military exercises the area if Anonymous agrees to not disrupt the event. Last month a hacktivist group announced plans to disrupt the 100th Anniversary celebration of US entry into World War I with anti-war protests. Members of Anonymous vowed to block Chicago's Chicago State station from 9am Friday until 11am on Sunday. Members of Anonymous also called for the police to be disbanded, as well calling for more transparency from the Obama administration on its secret drone assassination programme. Follow Ben Makuch on Twitter: @ben_makuch The first thing I do when wake up in the morning is brush my teeth. I do this in a mirror my bathroom, which makes it hard to do in private since it's a mirror that's right beside the toilet. But I have a bathroom scale on my vanity that I use so know what my weight, and hopefully more importantly, my BMI (Body Mass Index) are. The scale is a very accurate gauge of kmart pharmacy generic drug prices the amount excess body fat. It tells me exactly how much fat I have and what it's composed of. The average BMI is 25 (which means it between 20-25), and the BMI range is 18.5-27.9. depends on a person's height and weight at birth. If a child has certain amount of excess body fat at birth and is then born with a different amount then they will have a bigger or smaller BMI range and it can be quite variable. If I'm at 25 pounds over my normal healthy weight. Then I'm considered to have very low BMI range and if I get down to 18 or below I'm considered to be of a relatively healthy weight range.

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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

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